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Discover a hidden gemfilled with extraordinaryhandmade treasures

A  boutique that specializes in curated and unique one of a kind pieces including vintage clothing for all! Composite boutique is involved with local artists and carries local and handmade art including Collaged Escape and Wendy Brandes jewelry.

Handmade, Organic, Beautiful jewelry inspired by nature. She can personalize something while you wait or discuss and design with you in mind. There is jewelry on display to purchase and you are sure to find that special piece. A fun place to shop and visit!

Kevin Ochoa is an Independent self taught Mexican artist! Specializing in Hand Crafted, One of a kind work. Offering Customized Leather and Denim Jackets to Original Screen Printed Punk Designed Apparel! Including an array of Leather goods, Hand studded pieces, Hand Painted Logos and Designs. Direct Message through Instagram or swing by HIVE ON 16TH for a Price Inquiry.

I’m Jayde with flickmywickk! I’m an arizona based brand specializing in sustainable, one of a kind, long-burning candles! 

I only use upcycled + reusable containers, a luxury vegan wax blend, wooden wicks and delicious fragrance oils that you are bound to fall in love with! It is important to me that everything I do is not only pleasing to you but to our environment as well!

A carefully curated collection of clothing and accessories from inspired designers and imaginative ready to wear houses.

Tara Sharpe Studio

Art studio and gallery in Phoenix, Arizona curated by artist Tara Sharpe.

Featuring Expressionistic paintings exploring themes of transformation and transcendence.

Jesse Rose is a collection of handmade goods and macrame made from recycled and secondhand materials!

Creative place full of different types of art. Featuring Collaged Art Books, Collaged Journals & Collaged Accessories.

Honeypot Refillery

Creative place full of different types of art. Featuring Collaged Art Books, Collaged Journals & Collaged Accessories.

Locket Tattoo is a bright and lively tattoo space where highly skilled artists can take your ideas and make them into an amazing tattoo.  All walks of life are welcome.  For appointments and questions reach out by hitting the booking link on Instagram @mistylockettattoo

Offering delicious coffee and treats through our convenient and cozy window. Whether you're on your way to work, Visiting Hive Studios or just need a quick pick-me-up, our friendly baristas will be ready to serve you with a smile. From our carefully crafted coffee drinks to our mouth-watering pastries and Light Bites, we have something to satisfy every craving. So come on by, say hello, and let us start your day off right in Hive Backyard!


Hive on 16th is home to an Eclectic Community of Artists with their own unique backgrounds and Medium of Focus. We believe using local and organic materials and up cycling whenever possible. Support our local Studios who are producing Handcrafted Products and DIY Creative Experiences and workshops within our community.

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